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Delusions of Grandeur guild crest: A gold crown on a black backdrop.<Delusions of Grandeur> is the Horde's home for serious raiding on a casual schedule on the the Runetotem and Uther (US) servers. We only raid 6 hours per week — Tuesday & Thursday from 9PM to 12AM CST with an occasional optional raid on Monday nights (not usually progression) — but we take that time very seriously. We recognize that everyone's time is valuable, and do our best not to squander a minute.
Mistakes are identified and addressed, but nerdrage doesn't have a place in our group; yelling does nobody any good (unless it's to curse yourself out; that's pretty funny). Adapt, improve, and move on.

We are currently recruiting several exceptional ranged DPS to further round out our roster as well as a DPS Death Knight with a tanking off-spec. 

However, even if you are not one of the above roles, we encourage you to apply anyway, as great players are always considered no matter what their class! All applicants are recommended to have an average item level of around 700-715 as to be able to start raiding at the Mythic difficulty right away without the need for extra effort spent by the guild gearing you up. 

Our hardcore approach on a casual schedule yields many benefits and these are some of the things you can expect from playing with our guild:
  • Impressive progression on a short schedule – We accomplish in 6 hours what many guilds take 12 hours or more to do. We are known for being able to clear all the Heroic bosses we have previously defeated at least once in one 3-hour session, which opens us up for dedicated progression on new encounters on our second raid night. 
  • Everyone being treated as objectively as possible in terms of performance. I think we've all been a part of groups that carried some subpar players through content because they were married to an officer or real-life friends with half the guild. Because our the spots in our raid roster are open to competition, this won't happen here. If you can't play, well, then you can't play.
  • A roster of intelligent & witty people who value efficiency and skill and who know how have fun. Even in the serious environment of a progression raid, everyone is still aware that we're playing a game; jokes flow, lulz are had, and balls are occasionally busted, but none of that detracts from our ability to clear content.
Because we don't raid every day of the week, we have plenty of off time to enjoy the other things the game has to offer. There are usually several of us online at any given time leveling/gearing alts, getting achievements, killing Alliance, or making sure those hopelessly directionless followers at our Garrisons have the proper guidance. Whatever your other interests in the game, it's quite likely you'll find some kindred spirits in DoG.

If you're interested, register here on GuildLaunch and fill out an application. Once it is reviewed by our officers, you will be contacted either in-game or by email with our response. You will also receive a notification through GuildLaunch immediately if you are accepted. 

You can feel free to send a BattleTag friend request to our Recruitment Officer, Iryssa#1697, and she will be happy to give you the lay of the land! Our guild can also be found on Twitter: @Delusions_RT. Feel free to follow us for updates about our progression, guildie S.E.L.F.I.E.s, and general DoG happenings!

We hope to welcome you into battle alongside us as we dismantle what remains of Gul'dan's Fel Horde in Hellfire Citadel!

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